Smart Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

Harnessing the Power of the Connected World to Combat Climate Change

A Live Building takes any dumb water, electric or gas meter and makes it come alive. By installing smart computers directly on the meter, the real time data is sent to the LBS Cloud.

Smart Tech Gone Green

The LBS cloud is where magic happens - data is turned from numbers into insights, insights to action, action to change, reducing waste and saving money.

As soon as an issue, such as a leak, is identified an alert is sent by email or text, allowing for rapid repair.

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You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Know

Seek and Destroy to Save Thousands

A LBS Team of dedicated Data Analysts and skilled tradesmen have your back - diagnosing issues, identifying improvements & mitigating waste.

Get reports on your carbon footprint in real time, everyday conservation tips, and smart alerts personalized for your everyday life.

The Live Buildings System is a wholistic approach to smart sustainability, so that you can make better choices today for a greener tomorrow.