Simple Steps to greener living

A Unified Approach to optimization

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From the Windows to the Walls

Full Integration at Your Fingertips

Live Buildings tracks energy, water and fuel usage to help our users save resources, time, money, and the planet

  • live WATERsm

    Never let a leak, a flood or high water use go unnoticed or unresolved. Detect use from the backyard hose to the upstairs toilet.

  • live ELECTRICsm

    Never let high electric demand or cooling systems run wild. Connect to renewables for production analysis.

  • live FUELsm

    Never let your heating system burn a hole through your wallet. Take back control with micro-minute analysis of gas and oil consumption.

How It Works

Stop Waste Before it Costs You

This smart system analyzes data and diagnoses inefficiency in real time, providing solutions to reduce waste. The LBS cloud integrates existing hardware and utility data streams to produce a road map to efficiency.

Live Buildings allows for a data-driven eco-friendly lifestyle, backed by science. Live Buildings partners with its users as their personal interactive eco-assistant, making everyday sustainability more attainable and intuitive.

Treat the Root Cause of Inefficiencies

The Live Buildings OS empowers users with machine learning and actionable insights. Running toilets? No problem. Lights left on? We got that. Heating Out of control? Live Buildings helps guide you to daily savings, while making our environment more green.