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A building with real-time data and analytics of water, fuel, and electric. Generating actionable data to stop leaks, floods, gas, oil waste and electric demand waste.

We work with all asset classes.


Yes, we offer complimentary demonstrations of our system.

We take a look at all mechanical equipment, perform efficiency tests on equipment and report back with recommendations to improve efficiency.


Yes, you can opt into automatic SMS and/or email alerts for water, gas, and electricity that alert you when there is a spike in usage.

With a combination of internally developed software and a team of dedicated analysts and monitors, LBS can identify utility issues and notify our customers.

Yes, Live Data will send alerts when leaks, floods, or other issues are detected. These alerts can be customized to your needs.

Installation times differs based on building size. A typical install requires approximately 2-3 hours, and is done during the middle of the day when most people have already had a chance to shower and are at work.

All Water Meters and computers are revenue grade.

live WATER

We track the total buildings water consumption to spot anomolies.

No, if your water provider has automatic meter reading we can read water data through them.

Live Water works by connecting a smart computer to a water meter and sending that information to our Live Buildings Cloud.

Yes, we can send a team to inspect leaks or work with your onsite staff to inspect leaks.

We alert you to any and all leaks we find immediately and work with onsite staff until the leak is fixed. Our team is also available to perform leak inspections if there is no ons site super.

live riser

A connected smart grid of Smart Water Meters allowing for pinpoint leak and flood detection.

Live Risers provide real-time water data with minute-to-minute detail, so we can quickly identify changes in consumption patterns. We have automated alerts and dedicated analysts who identify leaks and work with your staff to find and fix them.

Yes, we need to cut into pipes, often times its a simple as 1-2-3.

Yes, our Live Risers and Point of Use services fulfill Enterprise Green Communities requirements.


We offer one annual recurring fee for monitoring that differs based on building size.

Yes, we are happy to work with your portfolio and discuss this option further.

While all buildings are unique, generally you will see ROI in under a year to one and a half years. Every portfolio is different; contact us for an estimated savings report.

No, you keep all of your savings.


Yes, our water, electric, and gas submeters can be used to bill commercial and residential tenants for their usage, and we can add admin charges as a percentage or flat fee.

We send weekly reports with recommendations on how to increase savings.

We work with our clients to provide unique services, and our development team is available to build custom products if you have a unique need.