Planting Power


Planting Power Ep 1: From the Ground Up

An introduction to LBS and the minds behind it.

Planting Power Ep 2: Smarter Smart Homes

In this second episode, we discuss smart home devices. And the misconception that smart sometimes equals green. We also discuss the role green tech and live data can play in making a home even smarter.

Planting Power Ep 3: New Administration

In this episode, CEO Teghpal Sandhu discusses the Biden Administration, ESG, the financial impact of Climate Change, and potential measures to reduce environmental impact.

Outside Events

Podcast with Talisen Part 1

LBS founder, Teghpal Sandhu and Talisen talk about the real-time energy market trends, its history, and where the market is headed.

Podcast with Talisen Part 2

Continuation of the discussion about real-time energy with Talisen.

Live Buildings Systems Introductory Video:

What you don’t know you can’t fix. Live Buildings Systems empowers everyone to use data analytics to save the environment and save money.
Simple Sustainability
The Future of Water — Building Energy Exchange
Building Energy Exchange
The Future of Water — Vimeo



Anatomy of a Live Building: Live Water

Live Water: An informational video on Live Water Service through Live Building Systems. Covers the water conservation products, that detects leaks, reduces waste, and improves the environment.


Anatomy of a Live Building: Intro to Building Blocks of Efficiency: Real Time Electric, Water, Fuel

Introduction to Real Time Energy and Water a Live Building System. Series Anatomy of a Live Building. Electricity, Water, Fuel real time analysis, benchmarking, energy efficiency, compliance, and how it works. Start up video in series.


Live Buildings: Real Time Data Time Savings

Introducing the Live Buildings OS. AI for saving on water, electric and fuel. Saving thousands for home owners, building owners.


Live Building Systems Dr. Tegh Sandhu Speaking at Event

Dr. Teghpal Sandhu, talks Live Buildings technology to building owners. Covers data, remote technology, water, electricty, and fuel


Leak Detected

Live Buildings Data Captured a large leak for one of our clients. Our team went onsite, and fixed the leak.