Advantages of Real-Time Energy and Water Data

Actionable Data Actionable Results

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Today in the real estate industry reporting data or benchmarking is prevalent. Furthermore, in many cities across the United States, local municipalities laws, such as local law 84 require buildings to report energy and water data to the local government. 

Reporting data and this yearly compliance of reporting energy and water data is a valuable practice. However, what are you doing with it? What is a building or management firm suppose to do with this report? How do you apply this data to corrective measures?

Benchmarking is great, Real Time Energy and Water Data is better.


Real Time Benchmarking

The gain with Real Time Energy and Water or Real Time Benchmarking, is that it allows buildings to reduce water, fuel, electricity waste or demand in real time, before property damage and before costly bills.

The advantage of real-time energy and water data:

1. Fix Waste Before Property Damage or Cost
ㅤㅤ✔️ Reduce Water Leaks
ㅤㅤ✔️ Lessen Electricity Demand
ㅤㅤ✔️ Cut down Oil and Fuel Waste
2. Work Together Save Together
ㅤㅤ✔️ Vertical and Horizontal means your team gets to find and fix leaks together, on one platform
3. Avoid High Bills and Expenses

Implement utility conservation measures to execute on optimized solutions in real time as issues arise.