Anatomy of a Live Building

Building Blocks of Efficiency

Live Building Systems

Concept of Live Buildings

DNA is the code that writes all life on this world. Based on information, DNA creates a road map to life, and all that within it.

The concept of Live Buildings, the anatomy and the creation of what a connected building is started with the basic principles of DNA. Information and Data are used to create a code to an efficient building.

Those Building Blocks of Efficiency much like the building blocks of Life started with three core elements or data sets.

The Solution to Local Law 97, Local Law 84 and Environmental Challenges:
Water, Electricity and Fuel.

Water Monitoring

Building Block: Water, Water Monitoring, Water Leak Detection, Water Sub metering

The Environmental impact and the solutions to water waste is real time water monitoring, and leak detection. The environmental impact of a running toilet is water waste in the millions of gallons of water. The Building Solution is real time water monitoring , real time leak detection and real time water in Live Building Systems.

Water Data Analytics: Water, one of the most important utilities, and one of the most expensive has long been looked at as a loss to ownership. The Sub-metering of water traditionally has been complicated. Water leaks and property damage cause millions of dollars in waste to buildings and home owners across the world. At the same time water is becoming more scarce.

The steps for live building involve selecting and aggregating water data in real time. Real-time water monitoring and water leak detection allows for the data of water consumption to be accumulated into smart clouds.

How it is done?
Step 1: Take your water meter and your water utility company information and connect it to Live Building OS.
Step 2: With that information Live Building OS provides Leak Detection, Water Monitoring, Commercial Sub metering and saving millions for our clients day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

Real Time Energy Monitoring

Building Block: Electricity, Real Time Energy Monitoring, Electrical Sub metering, Electric Demand, Carbon Emissions

The environmental impact of high electricity usage is large. Environmental impact of coal, gas, and nuclear power plants create pollution. The solution is real time energy monitoring, and real time electrical data for building solutions.

Real Time Energy or Electrical Monitoring is one of the critical Blocks of Efficiency of creating a Live Building. Electricity and reducing Carbon Emissions often called Net-Zero is critically important. Today electrical demand, electrical monitoring, electrical sub metering are one of the key building blocks to creating a Live Building.

Electricity sub metering revenue grade is deployed to recapture for ownership costly waste, real time energy monitoring and controls allows for owners to reduce electrical waste and electrical demand.

As more and more cities and municipalities look to electrify their systems, more and more buildings need electrical data in real time. Live Buildings allows owners to detect electrical demand, reduce carbon emissions, electrical sub meter commercial tenants, do electrical bill reconciliation. Saving thousand to millions of dollars.

Fuel Oil and Natural Gas Monitoring

Building Blocks: Fuel Oil and Natural Gas

The environmental impact of over consumption and waste of fuel and oil is one of the greatest leading carbon emissions that we can control!

Real Time Fuel monitoring, Live Oil, Live Fuel, are systems that connect to the Live Building OS, providing environmental benefits, savings and forming one of the key blocks of efficiency.

Live Building Systems provides real time fuel sub metering, real time fuel monitoring, allowing owners to use their controls, and reduce environmental impact and carbon emissions in real time.

Fuel data is aggregated in real time, alerts and reports are sent and a Live Building is now a smart building. Live Buildings using the data analytics provides data driven decisions actionable data repairs, and savings.

Data Driven Solutions

A Live Building built of electric, water, and fuel now solves industry problems like Local Law 97, Local Law 84 compliance, and improves the environmental impact of properties.

Today a Live Building is not only smart. but green. Improving the environment, saving millions and providing a better world for all of us!