The DNA of Efficiency

From Body to Building

In the realm of medicine, the core practice of surgery is not merely to treat symptoms but to cure the root causes of diseases for lasting health. This fundamental principle inspired a journey that transcended from the human body to the world of building efficiency. Live Building Systems, rooted in New York City and spreading its influence worldwide, was born from this vision. In this article, we’ll explore how Live Building Systems is liberating data to reduce waste, save money, and combat today’s climate crisis.

A Journey Rooted in Purpose

Live Buildings’ origins trace back to a visionary MD who saw an opportunity to fix a problem. Just as medical practitioners strive to cure the root of infection or disease, Live Buildings applies the same principle to building efficiency. Years of hard work have bridged the gap between new technology and old basements, liberating data from office spaces to the streets. The goal? To make the benefits of efficiency accessible to everyone.

Live Buildings Locations: A Global Impact

live buildings locations

From India to Hungary, and across the United States from New York, NY, to Pittsburgh, PA, Live Buildings has expanded its footprint. These locations serve as hubs of innovation, working together to drive efficiency and sustainability on a global scale.

The Water Challenge: How Much Do You Use?

According to the EPA, the average American family consumes over 300 gallons of water every day. It’s a staggering statistic that highlights the need for change. How much water do you use? The power to reduce water consumption is in your hands, and Live Buildings is here to help you make a difference.

The War on Waste: The Power to Save

In just 223 years, the world’s population has multiplied almost eightfold to 7.8 billion people. This rapid growth has profound implications for our environment, endangering the world as we know it. While the scientific and political communities debate, the most potent resource for change has been overlooked: you. Every individual has the power to enact real change, from saying no to single-use plastics to conserving energy and reducing waste.

Empowering Change, One Small Act at a Time

DNA of efficiency

Live Building Systems’ core mission is to empower people with technology that not only helps save the environment but also saves money. Every small change, when multiplied by 8 billion individuals, has a monumental impact on our future. Live Buildings is your partner in this endeavor, offering the tools and solutions to make a positive difference in the world while improving your financial well-being.

In conclusion, Live Building Systems is more than a technology company; it’s a movement rooted in the belief that every individual can be a force for positive change. By liberating data, embracing efficiency, and empowering individuals, Live Buildings is at the forefront of the battle against waste and climate change. Join the movement, make small changes, and together, we can create a sustainable and prosperous future for our planet.