Successful Partnership with Costco

In an era where environmental sustainability takes center stage, Live Building Systems and Costco have joined forces to tackle water inefficiency head-on. This blog post delves into the collaborative effort, exploring the implementation of Live Building Systems in Costco warehouses and the positive outcomes achieved.

Costco’s Water Conservation Initiative

Costco’s commitment to water conservation spans across its global network. The implementation of water monitoring systems in warehouses across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Korea, the UK, and Japan reflects Costco’s dedication to operational efficiency and environmental stewardship. The goal is clear: detect issues in real-time, identify wasteful practices, and promote water-conscious behaviors.

Live Building Systems: Revolutionizing Building Efficiency

Live Building Systems steps into the partnership with a mission to democratize building efficiency. Their cutting-edge technology combines data streams, hardware, and human power to create real and lasting impact. The focus is on providing accessible tools for everyone, with hardware and software solutions that monitor real-time water usage, detect leaks, and offer an AI-powered interface for comprehensive waste reduction.

The Road to Water Neutrality: Costco Water Pilot with Live Buildings

The collaboration kicks off in April 2023 with Live Building Systems entering a partnership to provide water technology in Costco warehouses in the North East and South East regions of the United States. The pilot project aims to equip Costco onsite managers with a specialized water tool, focusing on identifying leaks and optimizing water usage.

Costco and Live Buildings: A Coordinated Effort

Live Buildings supplies Live Reactel Units tailored to Costco’s needs, connecting to encoded water meters. The dedicated Live Buildings team ensures seamless installations, providing onsite Costco users with individual accounts and access to the Live Buildings Cloud OS. The collaboration includes daily water analysis, minute-level data alerts, and specific system alerts for critical components like cooling towers and irrigation systems.

Results: Reporting and Resolving Together

The partnership yields not just insightful reports but tangible solutions. Live Buildings and Costco work together to determine water usage patterns and address leaks promptly. Through live feed monitoring of irrigation systems and a comprehensive understanding of water consumption, Costco gains valuable insights into their operations.

The Live Buildings and Costco collaboration proves to be a success story, fostering positive outcomes for both entities. Live Building Systems refines its technology and hardware based on Costco’s feedback, propelling research and development. Costco, in turn, receives over 20 units for efficient monitoring, witnessing improvements in software intuitiveness and ease of use. This partnership not only enhances building efficiency but also sets the stage for future growth and development.

In the grand scheme of environmental sustainability, Live Buildings and Costco showcase how technology, collaboration, and commitment can pave the way for water neutrality and resilience.